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Florida in October

Now is a great time to look at flights to the Caribbean, and one spot that many Americans will look at is Florida.

October can be a great month to get down to the Sunshine State. While you’ll have to check the weather and make sure you don’t run into a hurricane, you are likely to see less crowds and better deals this time of year.

See you poolside.

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Reunion Surf Bar

Great surfer bar just off Times Square that feels like it takes you to a beach town far, far away, Reunion Surf Bar is a place not to be missed.

The wooden bar is decorated like a cave for the Big Kahuna. Surf pictures with bamboo frames hang from the walls, while a small surfboard dangles from the ceiling. Painted slap wood line the walls.

Sundays are a great day to come, all day happy hour. The vibe is California, Baja, and Endless Summer. The surfing video Lost Atlas plays all day long.

Definitely worth a trip next time your in NYC.