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Why I Was Disappointed with the New Star Wars Trailer

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Hoping for More

I was counting down the seconds for the new Star Wars trailer as I’m sure many of you were. Episode 9: The Rise of Skywalker is going to be an epic release and is said to wrap up the Skywalker story line. Like all Star Wars fanatics, I couldn’t wait for the final trailer. But when it came, I was disappointed.

I didn’t hate it but I hoping for much more. Nothing in the trailer really stood out to me.

The trailer shows new planets, and some new and old characters, but I was left with the feeling, is that all? I was hoping for more Jedi fight scenes and a movie that goes deeper into the Jedi lore.

Also, I want a movie that evokes the swashbuckling adventure of the original movies. Too often, I feel like Disney is making movies just to promote a new ride at Disney World, or some new toy it plans to sell during the holidays.

The Mandalorian Trailer Was Much Better

On the other hand, the trailer for The Mandalorian was much more satisfying. Michelle Buchman, who runs social media for Star Wars, saw actual footage of the series and said it reminded her of an old studio western.

As I’ve said in a previous post, this is the Star Wars we’ve been waiting for.

One of the main problems with the new Star Wars movies is that it revolves around the original story line, the drama of the Skywalker family. The problem with that is that the best parts of the story have already been told.

Luke has already faced his father, defeated the Emperor, and restored peace to the galaxy. What happens to the grandchildren of this family seems like an afterthought. Movies after Episode 9 will supposedly take up a new story line, and that’s welcome news.

Hoping for the Best

Here’s hoping I’m wrong about the new film, and The Rise of Skywalker is one to remember. But until then, I’m waiting for The Mandalorian.

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