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Remote Work: Jobs Where It’s Ok to Wear a Hawaiian Shirt

The future of work has many different paths. I am not sure where it leads but I know one thing, it will look different than it does today.

The opportunities are huge, and the tools are there for those willing to do the work.

If you think you’d like to work remotely, here are a few interesting things you can do.

Blogger and Podcaster

So much opportunity in this space. The explosion of growth is just starting.

Many people may think, blogs have been around for so long, how can this be considered an opportunity?

That’s true. Blogs have been around for awhile but blogs are constantly evolving. One of those evolutions is in podcasting.

Podcasting is really just a form of blogging, an audio form. Many of your readers will now become your listeners because listening to a podcast is one way you can consume content on the go.


This is a broad category and can be anything from online sales to data entry. Many companies are downsizing their corporate workspaces but have added teleworkers.

This type of work can be great for those caring for little ones at home, or taking care of a sick family members.

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