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Ticket Prices to San Juan in September

IMG_4355If you’re like me, you’re always checking ticket prices at Google Flights for a quick getaway.

And September and October offer some of the year’s best deals. The nice thing about traveling south to Latin America from the U.S.  is that there’s hardly ever a time zone change.  So, you can get away for a few days without taxing yourself too much.

Here’s a great deal to get down to San Juan, Puerto Rico for a few days.

IMG_4352For $261, Delta flies non-stop into San Juan from JFK. Plus, Delta allows you to bring one carry-on bag for free. If you do check a bag, it’ll cost you $25 each way. Though, for a few days of travel you won’t need one.

Save your money for a daiquiri or that fedora that looks so good on you.

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